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World Culture Festival

Overland Park, KS



Save the Date

12 to 4 pm

Yardley Hall (JCCC)

Johnson County Communty College

Book your tickets early before they are gone!

Be part of an epic celebration of diversity!

Dance. Chill. Celebrate. Eat. Get inspired.

World Culture Festival Kansas is part of a nationwide series of festivals held in celebration of diversity. 

Featuring LIVE global music and dance performance, well-being sessions, guest speakers, and an international food-truck bonanza. 


Experience the best in Kansas

Bringing the cultures in your area together in one place to celebrate diversity and unity.


Vibrant Performances

Enjoy spectacular music and dance shows from around the globe, showcasing the rich cultural diversity Kansas has to offer, and walk away with a new playlist! Performers include American Ballet, Saxophone solo, Americana Music, Persian Dance, Indian Dance (Bharatanatyam and vibrant Bhangra) and music, West African Music/Dance, Irish Dance, Ukranian Dance, South American/Carribean music amongst others 



Go on an adventure!

Travel the globe through an international food truck bonanza. Expand your world with new flavors, cultures, tastes, sensations, food experiences, and fresh ideas—where will you travel?

Don’t forget to visit JCCC’s highly acclaimed Nerman Museum of Contemporary Art on campus.



Ignite the mind, awaken the soul

Our featured speaker to reawaken and stir the depths of thought, hope, possibility, and curiosity is Dr. Michelle Robin – the founder of Small Changes Big Shifts, Big Shifts Foundation and the Kansas City Wellness Consortium. She has become a national influence and memorable leader in the wellness industry. The Big Shifts Foundation is sponsoring an annual event called the The FREE Kindness Campaign that runs from October 14-November 13 with the goal of healing a hurting world, one act of kindness at a time.Link to the Kindness Campaign


Celebrate YOU

Chill out with our expert-led well-being sessions. Designed to give you a real sense of calm, ease, and peace through guided meditations—whether you’re a pro or a total newbie. Emerge refreshed, recharged, and ready!

Tell me more

World Culture Festival is a collection of over 20 nationwide local Festx events, to celebrate local diversity, with two final national festivals, one on September 2023 at the National Mall in Washington, DC and the second in Los Angeles. Hosted by the Art of Living Foundation.

World Culture Festival I

2 million attendees

Bangalore, India. 2006

World Culture Festival II

50,000 attendees

Berlin, Germany. 2011

World Culture Festival III

3,75 million attendees

New Delhi, India. 2016


World Culture Festival is a collection of over 20 nationwide local Festival events to celebrate regional diversity, with a final national festival on September 2023 at the National Mall in Washington, DC, hosted by the Art of Living Foundation. We are hosting a local event in Kansas on September 10th, 2022, at Yardley Hall – an event is being co-hosted by the Art of Living Foundation and Johnson County Community College, Overland Park, Kansas.

We welcome EVERYONE to the event. The goal is to bring society together by celebrating culture and diverse groups in an evening of dance and music. We volunteer for the Art of Living ( and the International Association for Human Values ( in bringing mental wellness through breath work and meditation. We are delighted to partner with Johnson County Community College ( in bringing this celebratory event to everyone in the metro area.

We would love to bring yourself, family, and friends and enjoy an afternoon of good food, festive atmosphere, performances by local professional dancers and musicians, inspiring talks on unifying mental and physical well-being for all ages, calming breathwork, and meditation with soothing music.

The schedule is from noon, 12pm to 4 PM. Stay tuned for the detailed scheduled link. We will post it soon.

The breathwork and meditation session will be towards the end of the program closer to 3:30 pm.


Yardley Hall, Midwest Trust Center, Johnson County Community College

12345 College Blvd, Overland Park, KS 66210

Ride the Public Transportation – Kansas City Regional Transit:

Here is the Program Schedule

Program Schedule
Program Schedule

Program Schedule_old


For an epic celebration of diversity & unity

World Culture Festival Kansas

Yardley Hall

Johnson County Community College 12345 College Blvd Overland Park KS 66210

Saturday, Sep 10th, 12pm-4pm
Food Social:


Event General Paking map
Program Schedule
Program Schedule
Book your tickets early before they are gone!

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Donate and Support World Culture Festival IV

We are facing an unprecedented increase in identity-based conflict and violence, growing religious and ethnic divides. The World Culture Festival lifts our spirits in celebration and unity, and replaces feelings of isolation with a sense of belonging and community; reminding us all that we belong to the same planet, the same spirit, and the same global family… We need your support to launch this spectacular event. The opportunity is tremendous.

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