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World Cultural Festival IV

2022 united states of america

The World Culture Festival is inspired by ONE goal – a celebration of humanity’s rich cultural diversity and the spirit of oneness that unifies us all. 

We are facing an unprecedented increase in identity-based conflict and violence, growing religious and ethnic divides along with the rise of radicalization and terrorism. The World Culture Festival stands as a countervailing force against the rise of intolerance and hatred. The focus will be on the link between the individual and collective – how individual peace contributes to global peace.

The Opportunity is Tremendous

Join this massive celebration where 100,000 people live and 1B people online will stand together as a beacon for global harmony and peace.


We Need Your Support to Launch This Spectacular Event

Join this massive celebration where 100,000 people live and 1B people online will stand together as a beacon for global harmony and peace.


Iconic musical and dance performances


World’s largest group meditation


Celebrate Together


Experience a new Beginning

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